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1.    Introduction to African Institute of Corporate Citizenship.
African Institute of Corporate Citizenship is a non-governmental organization whose main mandate is to promote the role of business in development. It was established in 2001 in South Africa and the Malawi office was opened in 2005. AICC has since operated on a partnership model and has been involved in projects with partner organizations in a number of countries in Africa. These include South Africa, Malawi, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The organization is committed to being the centre of excellence in corporate citizenship in Africa and it focuses on the role of business in building sustainable communities. AICC’s approach to corporate citizenship focuses on the extent of governments, private sector and civil society acting collectively, exercise their collective and shared responsibility to drive and hold the forces of economic power accountable to mankind by ensuring that business enterprises create and produce wealth responsibly.  One of AICC’s broad objectives it to achieve responsible growth and competitiveness throughout Africa by ensuring that enterprises, as good citizens, change the way they do business in a way which benefits people, the economy and the environment.

 Mission Vision and Values

The mission of AICC is to promote and build resilient communities and sustainable businesses through partnership..

The vision of AICC is to be a corporate citizenship center of excellence in building resilient communities and sustainable businesses.


The following are core values that will be passionately shared and upheld by AICC's stakeholders:

          i.         Integrity

       ii.            Hard work

      iii.            Diligence

      iv.           Wisdom

       v.           Impartiality

     vi.            Team spirit


AICC programs Accomplishments of AICC

The main activities of the AICC since 2001 have been: research, advocacy, training and capacity building, and facilitation of multi-stakeholder partnerships for policy change, social development and entrepreneurship in agriculture, health and governance sectors in Malawi.

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AICC has left a mark a legacy of policy advocacy around corporate citizenship that is still evident and continues to be active in the work of individuals it has changed through their engagement with its programs, or as a result of actively being involved in the delivery of its programs.

Accomplishments of AICC





About AICC

AICC Vision

To be the center of excellence in corporate citizenship by creating responsible competitive well governed sustainable and profitable business enterprises in Africa.

AICC Mission

 To promote the development, adoption and implementation of the highest standards of corporate citizenship in Africa in order to develop competitive business enterprises that are well governed, responsible, profitable and sustainable.
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